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Brand new businees or a redesign for your current business? our Perth based design team can help you achive the look you desire


Select from our Logo Design, Branding Services and Preferred Branding Suppliers Below, and get started on looking amazing!



Custom Logo Design and Branding services tailored to your businesses values, ambitions and target markets.  Strategic thinking applied to develop a strong logo and build trust within your market and embed your identity across time.  



Logo design based on your business size, history and ambitions.  There is no one size fits all at GTP and we understand that different designers at different price points are needed to produce creative, functional and value for money solutions for our clients.  

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We can design and brand in house or outsource to a branding specialist.  It's a bit like a GP sending you off to a specialist where needed.  From your discussions with us we get a sense of what you really want and provide examples and price points to achieve this.



Distinguish your business within your target market by a logo that communicates quickly your positioning and value in the marketplace.  Separate yourself from your competition by being memorable, approachable, meaningful.  Connect with purpose to your customers and clients through attractive and communicative visuals.


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