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Based on data on your website GTP can help your Conversion Rate to improve drastically

Find out what Conversion Rate optiminisation options we  can offer you


What is Conversion Rate optimisation 

This is when a visitor website takes an action that you want them to take. This can take many forms such as signing up for an email newsletter, creating an account or making a purchase. How do you improve? Start off with a structured and systematic measurement approach so you can determine what your users are doing and not doing.  Use insights from such measurement to make changes and see how it changes your outcomes. GTP can assist in a systematic and informed way to improve your sites conversion rates. 



Ways we can help you improve

Call to Action Effectiveness - Find out which type of call to action works best.

Conversion Funnel Improvement - We can help identify the weak points in your conversion funnel and come up with testable ideas to improve conversion.

A/B or split testing - The testing of one version of a page or interface element against another version of the same thing. Each element is measured by its effectiveness in comparison to the other. 

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Multivariate testing (MVT) - The testing of multiple variations of many different page elements in various combinations to determine the best performing elements and combinations. 



What we measure for you

bounce rate - the amount of people that leave your page right after they get onto your site. This means they are not liking what they see or not seeing what they need.

Exit rate - This is a rate that each page on your site will have a different statistic for, you will be able to see the last page users were on before they left the site this page may have something on it that deters users from going further into your site.

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Average time on site - This is the average time a user is on your site.  You dont want a low average time and high bounce rate.  We can help.

Average Page Views - this shows how many pages were viewed by users. In general more page views lead to higher conversions, but not always.

Conversions -  Yes, the increase in sales and leads is is the final result we work towards influencing and how other pre-curser metrics affect this.




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